viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008

Post nº 1: Oh my God! here is my english blog

Hi everybody, little bastards.
The question is: Why the fuck have I created this fucking blog?
Read the tittle: I wanna be POLYGLOT.
First step: to dominate completly the Cervan... I mean, the Shakespeare´s language. And is because that I am writing here in this foreing and strange idiom.
I have to warn you: I am a bizarre person. What does it mean? If you read frequently my paranoias, you will become crazy at last. It´s my secret objective: destroy you. Maybe not. I am only exploring the limits of my control of english. I will explore too the poetry, philosophy, etc. in english. Ok.
The last thing I want to say is: fuck, fuck, fuck. It´s the better word in english. You can say it in EVERY phrase. It´s an eternal resource when you don´t know what fuck to say. And it gives weigh to your arguments (yes, a literal traduction I think...I don´t know if it´s ok. FUCK FUCK AND FUCK IT, anyhow)
See you in hell. Affectionately, me.

Affectionately: afectuosamente